Google is taking over my homescreen

Google Maps doesn’t really count, it’s been there since before it was really a Google App.

But over the past few months Google’s Material Design attack on my homescreen is having results: last week Google Calendar (Early adopters will know it as Google Cal… ) took over Fantastical, at least for a while.

Now with Google Inbox working with my employer’s App account, suddenly Mailbox has joined the 3rd homescreen (i.e. the bench). Still like Mailbox as a mail app more, but if you use Gmail web app in the desktop, the auto categorization of the river of emails is addictive.

And Google Search is starting to grow on me, in part for Google Now. Its value is directly proportional to the creepiness of its master, and both run high.

Never mind Google Hangouts though, it’s the idiot cousin you have to invite to the party so you can talk to the rest of the company — and in its defense; still better than Skype.

Material Design doesn’t bother me, it feels like what BeOS R15 would have been. It visually contrasts against iOS, but doesn’t clash. However, the different gesture language does make grunt every so often.

In the end, nice creepy integration all around. But I will continue to buy Fantastical, Dispatch and others… just in case.