Enjoying the Vue

I am currently about half way through a 3 month tech bootcamp. Which is great. Im over the hump, and finally getting my feet beneath me. But like with any good learning experience you should never settle too long. Getting over the hump has come with new challenges, one being to choose my own tech stack.

When my Partner and I started our project last week one of the first things our instructors told us was that you can’t just choose something for you stack just because you want to. There needs to be a reason. And I get it, with enough elbow grease you can get just about anything done on anything stack there is. But if you’re making a career of this your decisions need to be logical and fact driven. But Im still a student and there was no way I wasn’t trying something new.

Initially Vue drew my attention because none of my instructors had ever used it personally but a few mentioned interest in using it. So on my quest for something new I started looking for reasons to fit my desire to try something new. Although finding a product and then looking for a reason is not what I should have been doing I am glad that I did. Vue has been by far my most enjoyable experience learning a new framework. I find it hard to imagine a learning curve easier than what Vue offerers. Getting started was a breeze which was a plus as I only had a week for the project. Building apps in Vue is also fast. To practice using it I recreated old an assignment. Admittedly I wasn’t starting from a blank slate but a project that took me days the first time was done in 2 hrs. Also for a framework as relatively new as Vue it has great documentation and a very enthusiastic community of users. I never encountered a problem that wasn’t throughly documented somewhere. Being component based the code is highly reusable and the having all of your concerns neatly separated in one file makes having clean code so easy. I highly recommend trying it out.

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