Image by Woman of Colour

Everywhere. Ingredients are everywhere. If I go East from where I live and drive for about 20 seconds, I’d see a Chinese grocery that’s been open for a few years, but ever so often, the faces change. If I go West from where I live and drive for about 2 to 5 minutes, I’d see not one, or two, but three Chinese restaurants. And if I decide to go either East, or West, I’d be sure to find a group of Venezuelan immigrants living in apartment complexes. But why even go that far? I can just look at them walk…

Melting Pot by Liezl le Roux, South Africa, 2015

Having grown up in Trinidad and Tobago my entire life, I’ve often heard people saying that we live in a “melting pot” — “we” being Trinidad and Tobago and the rest of the Caribbean islands. A melting pot of: people, cultures and religions. Each one uniquely contributing towards the rich diversity of the region. And I won’t lie, this made me feel good. Knowing that I was a part of this “melting pot” with everyone else, especially those who I didn’t know that lived on the opposite side of the country, or those who lived on another island hundred of…

Rondell Balchan

I possess a degree in Linguistics and Literature and I write about all things life.

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