Looking at the two media worlds

We all have a different outlook of the internet, but this tweet was surprising to see the other day.

The most important news the last few weeks is, of course, the health care bill being proposed in Congress. Republicans have put out a plan that drastically changes the health care system and affects millions of people on Medicaid.

While CNN and MSNBC decided to address this story, Fox News had coverage on former President Obama’s vacation habits as a private citizen as the main story on its website. This was happening as the Senate health care bill was being looked at for the first time by the American public.

Having information about President Obama’s vacation on Fox News at that time does a disservice to their audience.

A majority of their viewers and website users are the elderly, and they will be affected by cuts to Medicaid. And some will die if the bill does not change.

If they don’t get the information necessary for their own interest, then they will be suffering while they watch the programs on Fox News in their homes. They need to know what’s happening to them. But this is just one example of the issues with the media and cultural moment we are in right now.

I’ve been trying to find the right things to write about since Donald Trump was elected president and I think I finally decided.

I want to discuss all parts of the media. I want to point out the problems with the 24-hour barrage of coverage. I want to talk about the constant buzzing you can have on your phone from notifications if you don’t decide to turn them off once in a while.

Most importantly you don’t hear the correct information and coverage because many times one side doesn’t want to address the realities of the Untied States.

That’s why I want to talk about media coverage at all levels (local, state and national) and how I’ve struggled with my prejudices as well.

Objectivity is important, but we’re all human. We all have issues we care about, and that’s why I want to be fair. At the same time, I want to be truthful about what is happening to the country.

There has to be some common ground.

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