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Screenshot from Arma 3.

3:56 AM, JULY 24, 2035
Inland Malden, a fictional Mediterranean Island

Deep behind enemy lines, my Special Forces team of four has been tasked with eliminating an enemy mortar position. Before a larger invasion begins, this particularly pesky battery must be silenced. Its location seems to be constantly changing, however, necessitating a more precise strike.

Donning night vision goggles, we make our way down a tree-filled valley. Lights at a nearby farmhouse can be seen even without the goggles, where a few presumably bored guards on night watch mill around. Forewarned that it would be best to avoid getting too close to any enemy encampments, I lead my team to the fringes of the woods at the mouth of the valley, where crops of grapes or perhaps olives cover the open terrain around the farmhouse. …


Russell McWhae

Structural engineer (formerly), biomedical researcher, website developer, backcountry skier, photographer. Always looking for new challenges.

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