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Facts, observations, and opinions in list form. My version of autobiography.

Who are those dudes behind me???
  1. I’m amazed that most clocks still tick, even though they have no second hand and they are run by a microchip.
  2. Pie always trumps cake. Cookies always trump chocolate.
  3. I believe the selfie is the next great art movement.
  4. My dog snores quite terribly.
  5. Lately, I’m obsessed with Scriabin’s Prelude and Nocturne for the Left Hand, Op.9 No. 2.
  6. I dread many things, but hide this from the world. I rejoyce in many things and hide these as well.
  7. Every sigh has a story behind it.
  8. When I was a younger man I had a monster tennis serve.
  9. I miss Buffalo, especially in the winter.
  10. My favorite time of day is early in the morning just before sunrise when the only sounds I hear are the distant cars of faceless commuters, my dog snoring, and the ticking of a clock on the dark, hidden wall.
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