Verizon’s Chat Bot Virtual Assistant Fails in Human Handoff

Verizon called me today TWICE to tell me they were looking for the phone I had upgraded from and haven’t received it. I went to their website to try to notify them that I had sent the phone and I got their chat bot trying to help me figure it all out.

Well, it couldn’t (of course — this isn’t a request for help, actually)

But the worst part? I got stuck in the AI equivalent of Telephone Tree Hell because the chat bot couldn’t figure out how to get me to a live chat rep over a more than 4 hour period of checking periodically.

When you need a human, you’re out of luck with Verizon’s Chat Bot

I am all about automating answers to common questions.

But my question really isn’t common. And it’s really not something I need help with, it’s just a statement. It’s something I need updated on my account

But Verizon has failed miserably with one part of implementing their automatic chat bot system — no way to get me a live person unless “someone is available”.

Here’s the thing:

  • If no humans are working today, tell me that. Otherwise, tell me how long I have to wait, if you can. You used to do this…
  • If there’s a wait time, I’ll wait — I am on my computer anyway, it’s all good.
  • Even better: TEXT ME — I mean, you ARE the phone company after all — maybe text me when it’s a good time to talk.
  • Can I email you (the digital equivalent of voicemail)?

Can you hear me now, Verizon?

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