JavaScript Series: A step-by-step approach to useful tips for the JS

Renato Francia
Mar 20, 2018 · 2 min read
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The best way to learn something is by teaching it. Nothing could be further from the truth when learning a skill. So, I’ve decided created a simple list of blog post for JavaScript features and try to explain them using Feynman technique. I will also use, but not be restricted to, the Mozilla developer documents as my inspiration to create these blog post. Finally, I will try to stay away from JS libraries and focus on ES6.

For this I will put the following conditions for the blog post:

  1. Articles will be between 300 to 1000 words
  2. Every post will include a simple demo
  3. A real world application will be used with it. (Medium Partner)

With this you will not only see the use of the feature but also will be able to participate. So let’s start with the basics.

  1. Language Basics: Variables, comments, operators. [part1][part 2][source]
  2. Language Basics: Conditionals, Functions, Events [source]
  3. Troubleshooting: Syntax errors [source]
  4. Trouble shooting: Logic errors [source]
  5. Language Basics: More on Variables [source]
  6. Language Basics: Math [source]
  7. Language Basics: Strings [source]
  8. String Methods [source]
  9. Data Structures: Arrays[source]
  10. Language Basics: Conditionals [source]
  11. Language Basics: Loops [source]
  12. Language Basics: Functions [source]
  13. Function return values [source]
  14. Introduction to Events [source]
  15. Introduction to JavaScript Objects [source]
  16. Javascript Object: Basic Components[source]
  17. Javascript Object: Object Oriented Design[source]
  18. Object prototyping [source]
  19. Javascript Object: inheritance [source]
  20. JSON [source]
  21. Working with API [source]
  22. Manipulating HTML [source]
  23. Http request: Introducing AJAX [source]
  24. Other API examples [source]
  25. Drawing Graphics [source]
  26. Video API [source]
  27. Audio API [source]
  28. Client-side Storage [source]
  29. Javascript operators [source]
  30. Javascripts Number & dates [source]
  31. More on Strings [source]
  32. Regular expressions [source]
  33. Indexed Collections [source]
  34. Keyed Collections [source]
  35. Iterators and generators [source]
  36. Meta Programming [source]
  37. Data types and Data structures [source]
  38. Equality comparison: Same but different, but same[source]
  39. Closures [source]
  40. Inheritance and Chaining prototype [source]
  41. Strict Mode [source]
  42. Javascript Typed-arrays [source]
  43. Memory Management [source]
  44. Concurrency and Event loop [source]

Renato Francia

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Software Developer, Digital Nomad, Blogger and Tech Enthusiast.

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