Life imitates art

Economist, The New Nationalism cartoon by David Parkins

Source: The New Nationalism

The Economist has a reputation for fine political art, but the ‘The new nationalism’ cartoon is truly spectacular [1]. Truly a work of art. Thank you David Parkins forbringing beauty into the world!

Fore vs rear, figurehead vs populist rable.

Left vs right, overt vs subtle.


Liberty Leading the People

Aside: What the people want, the people get. Bloodshed and horror be damned, so why not glorify it?

Russian Guards ceremonial uniform

Russian Honour Guards

Aside: The US Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a well known testament to sacrifice across all American conflicts. Up that by an order of magnitude and restrict to one 4 year period of utter carnage that left 1/4 of soldiers who served dead + killed about 15% of the total pre-war population, and you have the Soviet version.

Revolutionary drummer boy

Lafayette’s baptism of fire

Aside: Lafayette links the American revolution with the July revolution (see Marianne above), so I thought it fitting.

The armband (mourning, resistance, national socialism)

Hermann Göring

Aside: Key enabler of Hitler’s rise to power. The connection isn’t lost.