Scenes I expect to see now a female Doctor has an older, white, male companion

The Doctor comes up with a brilliant plan, which everyone ignores until Graham repeats it word for word.

Graham explains time travel to the Doctor.

The Doctor makes an impassioned speech about fundamental rights and the need for kindness. Another older, white man nudges Graham and whispers “I’ll bet it’s her time of the month”.

Literally everyone they meet initially assumes Graham is the Doctor.

Companion, Doctor, companion, companion

Some official strides over, shuts the Doctor down and says “I came here to talk to the organ grinder, not the monkey”.

The Doctor is doing the ‘thinking out loud’ bit. Another older, white man turns to Graham and mimes ‘yap yap yap’ with his hand.

The Doctor is explaining what’s causing the bizarre thing that’s been happening to Earth, when someone cuts her off and says “that’s enough now love, I want to know what he thinks”.

Someone says “get your woman in line” to Graham.

The Doctor saves the day again and everyone thanks Graham.

In the way that everyone used to assume the Doctor was doing it with his companion, everyone now assumes Graham is doing it with the Doctor.

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