Healthcare for US Veterans

You never know and feel the real story until it hits close to home, to you, or one of your relatives.

I heard the story today of how my son, a Marine Iraq War Vet, had to deal with the VA yesterday.

He has a severe flu. He went to the VA, his so-called healthcare provided because of his service. It took four hours and he got no treatment. They took him in as a walk-in because they couldn’t give him an appointment before April. And they did nothing but waste his time.

He sat there shivering and shaking with fever for 4 hours and they offered no treatment and no real exam. The answer for him was Tami-flu but they wouldn’t prescribe it because it’s expensive.

They shuffled paperwork instead.

The same is true for the hundreds of Vets he’s witnessed, and we’ve heard about, that don’t get the care they deserve and need.

They are paper pushers. They don’t serve anyone but themselves of our tax dollars.

It’s time to fire these VA bureaucrats and let our Vets go to real doctors in the civilian world and have the government pay for it.

An urgent clinic would have been an hour max and he would have left with a Tami-flu prescription. That’s what happened for his wife a week earlier.

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