Learn Vue, CSS Grid and Flexbox [10-part beginner tutorial]

Robert Mion
Apr 15, 2018 · 2 min read

What we will build together

Image for post
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Build an iOS-styled calculator using HTML, CSS Grid and Flexbox, and VueJS

Code in your browser with Codepen

To start, make a new ‘pen’ in Codepen

  1. CSS
  2. JS [Click the small white gear icon]
  3. Giant white area

This is a 10-part series

  • Each part is broken into bite-sized steps
  • Each step has you write or edit a single line (or very few lines) of HTML, JavaScript or CSS
  • This tutorial is written in a way that discourages copy-pasting code*

Ready? Let’s begin!

Continue to Part 1: Perform simple addition

Table of contents

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