SEO doesn’t stand for that

But here’s what you should stand for


Safe means secure: your website needs an SSL certificate and to be served securely via https. Anything less and expect visitors to abandon their carts.

Safe means trustworthy: your website should not cause me to question whether it is real or not. All styles and behaviors should align with what your visitors expect. Do the research so you don’t get first impressions wrong.


Equal means accessible: your website should comply with at least the lowest tier of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines — that being Level A.

Equal means the same for everyone: your website’s most critical content should be served from a content delivery network (CDN) so that each visitor’s wait time and download size is as small as possible.


Open means available at all times: your website should still be accessible when I have none or poor internet connection.

Open means available on any device: your website should be available via the World Wide Web. It should not just be an app that I can only download from a specific device or on a specific operating system or from a specific online provider’s marketplace.

When you consider and account for security, network latency, accessibility, performance, and availability, you are optimizing for the people that search engines seek to empower.