Subform was funded. I am a backer. Follow along as I test this exciting new design tool.

Updated Sunday, November 13

  • Good news is Ryan and Kevin opened their forums to all backers Saturday evening and included a link to download the current build of Subform.
  • Bad news is per the terms and conditions, I agreed not to share any information that wasn’t already publicized about Subform. Sorry, folks.

On Wednesday, November 3rd, around 12 noon EST, the kickstarter campaign for Subform, a “modern tool for digital product designers”, reached its funding goal.

In a backers-only youtube video chat on November 4th, Ryan and Kevin — the co-creators of the tool — announced that they would release the current working version of Subform to backers sometime during the weekend of November 11th.

From November 13th on, I will begin publishing articles on Medium to record my experience using Subform:

  • For me to reflect on year(s) from now, hopefully remembering how far the software has come
  • For other backers to collaborate, compare notes, and share thoughts about how to improve this new design tool
  • For Kevin and Ryan to use as additional near-real-time constructive criticism of their product
  • For non-backers to gain an inside look and ask questions or send requests about how the tool may fit your design workflow