these dynamics conspired to impose perverse incentives on Trump, whereby the onus was on him was to demonstrate his independence from Putin. One way of doing this would be to take rash military action against Russia’s client state, the Assad government.
Trump Is To Blame For The Syria Strikes — But So Are Democrats
Michael Tracey

I see you’re at it again…

Other methods Trump might use to assist in debunking the “compromised by Russia” narrative are:

  • Stop the endless lying regarding any/all pre/post election Russian related contact that is eventually uncovered via the MSM.
  • Immediate voluntary disclosure of any/all pre/post election Russian related contact conducted by himself and/or any meaningful member of his campaign and/or current administration.
  • Halt all interference into the intelligence committee and FBI investigations, support an independent investigation, and define feasible methods to protect potential DOJ meddling pending investigation results.

That’s just the start…

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