Life served with love: A perfect platter !!

We have always been fantasized about our love life even before we touch youth, our adulthood stage. But, how do we define love? Love is an emotion, Love is a feeling, Love is a journey which never ends, Love is the branch which goes to the soul.

Love is indeed complicated because of its potential to give bountiful meanings to our life.

We are born in an envelope sent by god — Envelope of love!! We start our journey of love from the womb of our mother and discover love; as a kid, as a sister/brother, as a friend, as a lover, as a better-half, as a mother/father, as a grandparent. It’s astonishing to recognize that everyone around us is longing for love and this is an indication to acknowledge the love and longing for love around us.

Love is a journey without destination, an unsaid life which is larger than life, an oil which accord mileage to our life.

Our first & last love is our parents- As a child it is our commitment towards them who introduced us to this experience of life, to never let them crave for our love, our care, our respect for them. It’s not our obligation but our gratitude towards them for life. As we say- Things asked for comes with a lesser value and brief life, but this gift of god is priceless.

We should treasure the phenomenon of growing and widening this circle of exchanging love in all the roles we play right from our creation to after life because love is constant, enduring and immortal which makes our life a perfect platter !!

— Reema Khanna

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