Self driving — another race for content display

Changes in media industry and the disruptive influence of the WWW on the once dominant content creates and publishers are well discussed.

Stating the obvious and well known will not help being prepared or changing the future. It’s more than time to look ahead and ride the horse rather than being dragged.

In my opinion it will be the next big battleground for customer engagement and media business are self driving cars.

Looking at the predictions of tech and auto companies by 2020 driverless cars are available on the market. So in 2020 we will have cars available that need no to pay most of his attention on the road.

So, what todo with the gained time and attention of all the drivers?

Overseas according to a US Bureau of Census statistic the average one-time-travel time in 2013 was about 26min. Here in Europe the numbers are nearly the same. And yes I know it’s statistics but simplifying US data thats — 26min *2 (work <-> home) * 109 mio. commuters — 94 mio hours time to consume content. Given the fact that all content creators are desperatly searching for customer engagement, self driving cars and their predecessors are worth more than a try!

But what challenges to come for content or screens in these cars?

Mobiles : Little screens are handy but even on unbumpy roads like highways or train circuits reading something else than little stories (more than Tweets) gets uncomfortable.

Tablets : If self driving cars would be reality now — they were my choice! bigger screens, well designed to carry around.

But in 2020? Curved and foldable OLED display are already reality, so why not putting them onto your windshield (maybe have even semi-transparent)?

From a UX and content perspective, we would need interactive multi -touchable (don’t forget the co-drivers) content that is easily consumable within a shaky environment. In my opinion what’s really tricky is the combination of multi-touch and shaky, whereas especially shakes favors video for readable content.

Disregarding the question what type of content, self driving cars do offer a chance for media companies. A foreseeable market (not like the IPhone) where manufacturers and media could partner to increase the UX of their products. Well and growing display sizes in actual cars could be used to get comsumers familar with the options.

I’m really curious what the future has to offer.

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