What’s really needed is a platform of platforms approach, bc these waves must crest across Twitter…
John Battelle

… John, seems to me Facebook’s @CrowdTangle is a possible solution that is already in place to detect trending content and track influence across various platforms. As they state they already cover:

  • Facebook: More than 820K Facebook Pages. This includes all Facebook Pages with more than 125K fans (new Pages are added automatically via an API), as well as all Verified Facebook Pages.
  • Instagram: More than 280K public Instagram accounts. This includes all verified Instagram accounts. And if an account in our system *tags* another account with more than 50K fans in a caption, that account will be automatically added to our system via an API.
  • Twitter: More than 490K public Twitter accounts. This includes all verified accounts (as of March 2017).
  • Reddit: More than 10K of the most active sub-reddits. Built and maintained in partnership with Reddit.

Source: http://www.crowdtangle.com/resources/faq

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