Meet Our First Company: waggle–We’re Your Dog’s Best Friend

Hey there, I wanted to introduce you to our first effort at Matchfire Co. It’s a company called waggle—an active lifestyle brand we’re building for dog owners and the ones they love.

You see, our dogs are more than pets. They’re more than our friends. They’re family. They’re a part of our very active lives. We want to take them everywhere we go — out to dinner with friends, with us on a run, shopping for a new chew toy. Whether we’re out on the town, on vacation, or snuggled on the couch, they belong right by our sides.

So we’re building waggle with the belief that while dogs are not our whole life, they do make us—and our homes—more complete.

At waggle we are committed to creating delightful and informative products, services, and experiences that simply become a natural part of the equation. We will do this by delivering insightful technology, original and curated storytelling, exclusive sales, and unique experiences to dog people.

Things that will make dog owners—and their dogs—forget the way life was before waggle.

We believe technologies should enhance real-life experiences, not replace them

When we set out to build waggle, we did so with the intention to explore the ways we could leverage the power of design, data, and technology to enable dog people to have a healthy, active, and social lifestyle with their dogs. And over the next year, we will be experimenting with a variety of waggle products–both digital and physical (including things such as wearables, subscription box service, wellness program, curated trips, and more).

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An example of a dog’s profile within the waggle iOS app. (Photo credit: © 2014 waggle / Robert Michael Murray)

One of the first waggle products we’re bringing to market will be an iOS mobile app: an active lifestyle and social discovery app designed to help dog owners explore the best dog-friendly locations, find unique products and experiences, and meet other dog people in town, as well as to provide insights into their dog’s daily life.

We’re excited about the ways data can be used to improve the lives of our dogs—as well as ours.

Tracking activities is increasingly becoming popular, whether it is Nike+, Jawbone, or Fitbit, technology is making it easier than ever to keep track of things like steps taken and sleep schedules. And at waggle, we want to make this type of data available to you and your dogs’ caretakers (e.g. veterinarians, dog walkers, etc.) because we know that insights into your dog’s daily life can help you and those closest to your dogs make better decisions when it comes to lifestyle choices.

Why an active lifestyle brand for dog owners and their dogs? Why waggle?

For me, it was a personal spark, an unexpected relationship. It was seeing how much love a rescued bulldog brought to the life of the most important person in the world to me — my fiancé.

Bruno was a foster doggie she had brought home because he was in need of a loving temporary home. He wasn’t the first, but his snaggletooth mug is the first to stay permanently. And I’ve come to realize that he won’t be the last either, that we’ll be opening our home to more rescue dogs in the future because as she says, “… I, we, have so much love to give—they need our love.”

It’s this love for dogs that we [the founders of waggle] have, and that so many millions of others have around the world for their dogs, that led us to build waggle. So we look forward to sharing this journey with you as we embark to enable dog people to have a healthy, active and social lifestyle with the dogs they love.

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waggle concept app for Apple Watch. (© 2014 waggle / Matchfire Co.)

We’re early on in this effort, but we’re already assembling a great team and have some exciting ideas we want to share with dog owners. We plan to have fun and experiment using design, data, and technology. Our goal is to learn fast about what’s working and not working, and to make and launch a new project every few months that reflect these learnings.

We hope you’ll join us in making waggle your dog’s best friend.

Robert Michael Murray


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Handcrafting digital and social stuff with 🔥 @CMPFYR @GoQuathletics. Formerly @MatchfireCo @NatGeo @Georgetown. Btw, I gotta real funky concept.

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