This is a great article! This new lifecycle that appeared in 12.2 is the source of a new issue though — and I’m wondering if you’ve seen how to best work around it?

How do we manage app updates in a world where the whole app is frozen and then restarted from that point? Since the app never exits, the app is not installing the new version of the service worker. Even approaches such as the one recommended by Google’s workbox: https://developers.google.com/web/tools/workbox/guides/advanced-recipes don’t appear to work as I can only get my iOS PWA to get the new version of the service worker if I restart my device (which I see in your workflow diagram!)

Any ideas here? This 12.2 update has been very welcome, but I fear that some apps out there are now going to be a stuck state and no longer receiving updates from their authors until users restart their devices. 😱

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Senior Software Engineer @ LifeWay

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