CloudFormation is a pretty awesome service — you get all the benefits of defining your AWS infrastructure in a concise declarative format and the ability to store those CloudFormation templates in version control as source. The problem that AWS left for you to solve is the process around taking those templates from source and launching them as stacks in the various accounts and regions that you need them.

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In this post, we are going to explore some methodologies to address these issues in a secure manner and talk about our tool that we are open sourcing at LifeWay that we believe can greatly help the process of managing CloudFormation stacks at scale across many teams, accounts, and regions. …

AWS re:Invent hasn’t even arrived, yet AWS has already started churning out several new features ahead of the conference, as announced by the CEO of AWS a few weeks ago:

I want to focus in on a few key new features in the serverless realm that I believe will enable developers to apply the Strangler Pattern with AWS Lambda’s to existing API’s. …


Ryan Means

Senior Software Engineer @ LifeWay

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