Apple is still amazing, but I’ll wait for iPhone 8

Ryan Moede
Sep 12, 2016 · 2 min read

The new iPhone 7 looks like a fantastic phone — another step forward in Apple’s steady march in refining the most important piece of consumer technology today.

But I’ll stick with my iPhone 6S+ this year.

No, I’m not among those deploring Apple’s alleged lack of innovation, nor do I see the iPhone 7 as a disappointment. Far from it — the near-decade long consistency at which Apple nails the sweet spot in fine-tuning it’s performance is unparalleled, and iPhone 7 is a worthy next step in that evolution.

But here’s the thing — my iPhone 6S+ is still an amazing device that more than meets my needs. Perhaps I’ll develop a bit of phone envy when I see photos from friends shot on the new dual-lens, but I’m content to wait for the features in the next iPhone that will justify making the upgrade for me.

This is what I’d love to see in Apple’s 10-year anniversary iPhone 8:

1. Long-range wireless charging

2. Edge-to-edge OLED display

3. Dropping the bump on the camera

4. Untether the Apple Watch

Not a huge list, and admittedly, the last point is more about the Watch than the iPhone. But now that the AirPods are in play (despite their dorky look) I can’t wait to be able to take my Apple Watch for a run without the phone in tow. Believe me, I love to escape my phone as much as I can — work can wait — but with a toddler at home, I hate the idea of missing an urgent call or text from my wife if needed.

Apple’s rolled out another incredible device in iPhone 7, laid the foundation with the AirPods for an experience we’re only just beginning to imagine and charted a course for an anniversary iPhone worth the upgrade.

Hey Jony, see you in 2017.


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