Joining the Team at This Place

Design, technology and consulting for global brands in London and Seattle

Rather than the typical Medium story wherein I talk about why I left my job, I’m excited to share a brief note on my next adventure.

I joined the incredibly talented London-based design+technology consultancy This Place, as they (we!) spin up a new PNW office here in Seattle. Far from being yet another digital agency or design firm, This Place operates in the intersection of design, technology and strategic consulting.

It’s no secret that there’s a race among digital studios to bolt on C-suite consultants and the traditional consulting firms to acquire and shoehorn in digital services to their strategic work. Much like the sprint between HBO and Netflix to see who can become the other faster, consulting firms and digital agencies are hustling to carve out their piece of an ever-shrinking pie.

But rather than try to awkwardly assemble a holistic digital services team after the fact, the founders here at This Place were savvy and crafted a model from the ground up that intelligently wove deep business consulting with design and technology. Our work with global brands can begin at any point within an organization, and top to bottom, our team of corporate strategists, creatives and engineers work to not just deliver an outstanding digital product, but one deeply rooted in helping the client digitally transform their company.

From mobile commerce to VR and even mind-controlled digital experiences, the team has already shipped beautiful work that delivers profound growth for our clients.

The wildly talented crew at This Place has some incredible projects in the works, and I can’t wait to share more!