Please explain to me how I’m privileged

And I mean how am I more privileged than you?

Because I sure don’t have the right to make decisions about my body or reproductive health without someone telling me I’m wrong. And I have been told by society to sit down, shut up, look pretty and be good. Basically being a woman, I should keep quiet.

Oh you mean because I get to vote?

Well privilege is defined as a special right, advantage or immunity available to a group of people. So in terms of getting to choose who I vote for yes, I am privileged and so are you. Here in the United States the country that likes to say it’s founded on freedom & liberty (two synonyms of privilege) we are all privileged to live here. We even get to express ourselves, our voice and our viewpoint freely (got to love that first amendment).

There has been a recent debate that Bernie supporters are labeled privileged because not voting for Hillary is considered a vote for Trump. And as I learned, since I’m not white instead of being labeled as privileged, not voting for Hillary means I am labeled as ignorant. I guess I lack the knowledge, information, understanding or awareness of the situation because I won’t choose your candidate. To me this isn’t liberty or freedom, it’s bullying. Tell me again how your vote is better than mine.

God forbid we disagree, because I mean think of all the poor helpless minorities. Well, I AM a minority. How are you going to help me? By placing labels and calling me names? I have been dealing with that all my life. So if you think you can bully me enough into changing my mind, tell me again how much you hate Trump.

This archaic ideology is remnant of missionaries going to “save” the savages. “Trust us, we’ll take care of you.” How dare you try to say you understand the plight of a minority being a white privileged person yourself. Your self-righteousness is a disservice to the very people you say you’re trying to help.

You want to help minorities, immigrants and the economy? You want to “save” your country and make your world a better place? Then stop fighting against your fellow Americans and start standing for what you believe in. Minorities don’t need you to save them, they need advocates. We all need advocates.

Instead of deciding what is best for others, empower them to make the best decision for themselves. Provide information, education, love, support, community, awareness, activism, and understanding. Listen with your heart. What does is say? How does it feel? You feel scared? Then by golly fear has got you clouded.

The next thing people say to me is, “Well it’s rational to make decisions out of fear when there is so much at stake.” And I say, “Sorry, not me.”

I make rational decisions based on my inner compass, my own knowing, by being aware of what feels good to my soul. And no amount of name-calling, labels, and fear-mongering is going to change that. This is the world I am trying to live in and create. Where people of all colors, shapes and sizes can finally speak up without the fear of being knocked down simply because their choice is different than yours. Because it’s in our story-telling, our experience, and our light that we can make an impact on not only a person but the world.

So, your labels aren’t going to shake me. I won’t vote for Hillary because something deep down says “NO”. And I won’t vote for Trump because that’s ludacris. And that doesn’t mean I hate either, they are just not for me. They are simply two different representations of what I don’t want the world to look like. The only difference for me is that I see two completely different outcomes. And mine are most likely the same as yours but here’s my take on it.

“Vote for Hillary, because we can’t let that bigoted, blah, blah, blah, become dictator for this country….” and it goes on and on about how it’s going to be so horrible. Are you psychic? Do you know what’s going to happen? How much better is it going to be with Hillary in office? Do you know? Or is it an assumption based on your judgment?

This is the way I see it: Hillary goes into office and everyone breathes a sigh of relief, “Anything is better than Trump.” This is where we continue to be complacent allowing the government & corporations to do what they wish, because I mean anything is better than Trump. Right? In the meantime, are you still advocating for those poor helpless minorities you cared so much about or are you still going about your daily lives worrying only about yourself and your family?


Trump goes into office. All hell breaks loose. And I have this divine and hopeful dream that this is the spark we need to CHANGE. To stop fighting each other and to finally UNITE. To stop dividing, labeling and blaming. Instead of being complacent, we stand tall together to ensure that our voice is heard, that our message is SO CLEAR that we won’t allow the hate to continue amongst each other. Because when we do this, when we support one another for the greater good we can finally drop the fight over abortion, taxes, minimum wage, homelessness, race, gender, sexual orientation, gun laws, political parties and any of the other myraid of things we fight each other over.

Maybe this is exactly what we need in order to realize that if we stand together we can actually make a difference. I mean isn’t that what Bernie Sanders is trying to convey?