Luxurious Car Will Make You Good at Card Games

Jungian Technique

Nothing beats watching dozens of car commercials during a football game, and neither will anybody you face in a game of Hold ‘em. Car commercials are getting crazily out of hand, trying to make every detail of a car a reason why you should buy it. Some cars go for safety over anything, some for looks, and the rest for luxury. In this commercial for the new Lincoln MKX ( sorry I don’t know how to embed), a man dressed for success travels to a house to play a card game, which he wins with a Straight. This commercial uses the Jungian technique to show the need for prominence and along with the need to escape.

To start off, the commercial wants the viewer to know that if they buy this car, they will become classy. The man in the commercial drives his Lincoln MKX to a big house filled with other sharp-dressed people to play a card game, with jazz music playing in the background. This clearly shows the need for prominence using the Jungian technique because it tells a story of a man who bought this particular car, and how it can be you if you buy this car. It shows the viewer that classy people buy this car, and even if the viewer is not classy, the car will make up for it.

Furthermore, the commercial wraps up with the classy man driving off into the mountains and nightlife of The City Of Angels. It appeals to the viewer with the need to escape because it shows the viewer that the car can take you to whole new levels of paradise. The car drives up the side of a mountain overlooking the Los Angeles skyline, creating a glorious view of what the person watching could do with that car. Like other cars such as off-roading vehicles, it shows the possibilities of what the car is capable of doing.

In conclusion, the commercial uses appeals such as the need to escape and need for prominence to show the viewer the luxury of the car. If the viewer buys this car, he or she will feel like royalty. The commercial ends with the saying “The feeling stays with you”, telling the viewer that they will always be a winner with this car. With the knowledge from what I learned in class, this commercial clearly labels prominence to make the viewer feel like they absolutely need this car.