What if we just can’t know some stuff ?

Here’s my idea: there might be a perfect explanation for every physical phenomena in the universe, but we can’t find it simply because it is beyond our reach.

We can’t find it because it´s beyond the ability of our neuronal circuits to process that kind of knowledge.

Look at the little guy above. It has a brain, intelligence, memory. It makes decisions and exercises judgement, and it has an understanding of the world around him. But regardless of how hard we try, we´ll never be able to explain physics or chemistry to it — let alone the Big Bang or black holes. It does not know what we — humans — are. Is he even aware of us ?

It is perfectly possible — I would even say it is likely — that our intelligence and brain capabilities have equivalent hardwired limitations. There is absolutely no reason for the human brain to be built in such a way as to be able to understand everything in the universe.

Strange phenomena may be happening all the time around us that we cannot perceive, because our senses are inappropriate and our science is incapable of detecting them. It is also within the realm of the possible that there are higher forms of life whose intelligence compares to ours the same way ours compare to a bird. They are around us but we can´t see them, or we can´t process what we see — we cannot connect the patterns and links.

Some people have said it before: our whole universe may exist for what are fractions of a second in a higher dimension world. We could be inside a single drop of water falling from a gigantic leaf in a universe of mega proportions.

Or we could all be living inside a giant computer simulation, being run by aliens or by our descendants many generations into the future. This is actually a scientific hypothesis (Are You Living in a Simulation? ).

There is simply no reason to assume we have the capability to find the ultimate truth, whatever it is.

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Roberto Motta is a Rio de Janeiro-based entrepreneur, consultant, lecturer and writer. He writes on LinkedIn, Medium , Facebook and Quora. He also blogs in Portuguese in his own blog Seis Por Meia Dúzia