Buttons that do nothing in Windows 10

Edit: I decided to revisit this page today (10/12/2016) to see if Microsoft has fixed any of these issues and to my surprise, many of them have improved. Read the edit text underneath each segment to see what’s changed.

The following buttons will do absolutely nothing in Windows 10. Prepared to be amazed at what happens when release dates come before the user experience.

The help button

The most egregious example of this is the humble help button. In almost all cases, pressing this button will take the user to the the Microsoft Homepage. Providing no help whatsoever and leaving the user as lost after clicking as they were before.

However, if the help button for the file explorer is clicked, the most amazing thing happens — a Bing search for “how to connect to continuum for phones” is opened. Why? Who knows…

Edit: Now, it opens Bing with searching for “get help with file explorer in windows 10”. Much better.

Whatever this button is.

In the sidebar notification area thing there’s this button called Project. It’s used to help the user in connecting to external displays. Clicking on the the Connect to wireless display option will show a screen as above with a single button — “Where is my device?”.

To be honest, I’m not sure what the intended reason behind this button actually is; perhaps it’s to show a screen with a single phrase — “not sure”. Needless to say it opens the Microsoft Homepage.

Edit: Now it opens Bing searching for “fix connections to bluetooth audio devices and wireless displays in windows 10”. Much better.

This dropdown

This one is slightly different. No matter what I do, this dropdown is always empty. No history, recents, favourites, nothing. Just an empty void.

Edit: This now populates with seemingly random entries. Not a great improvement.

Learn more about updates…not

So you’d like to learn more about the latest updates huh? Tough, the button above leads to a Bing search for “how do I update in Windows 10”. Well if I didn’t know that, I wouldn’t be on this page now would I?

Edit: Now this takes you to the Windows 10 update page. Nice one.

Search Windows Help? Yea right…

Would you look at that, another help button. This one is quite specific about what it’ll do — search Windows Help and Support for something you couldn’t find on your machine. Well guess what? That’s right, straight to the Microsoft Homepage.

Edit: Still takes you to the Homepage.

I won’t list any more help buttons as they’re pretty much all useless. I’ve only seen one button actually work and it was somewhere in the settings app.

This date button is clearly a clickable element. It’s blue, the cursor goes to a pointer and there’s a colour change on mouseover and mouseclick. But what does it do? Nothing at all…

Perhaps it should open the calendar. Just a thought.

Edit: As it turns out, this was me not understanding the button. This button takes you to the current month. Some hint text might be nice, but I’ll give Microsoft this one.

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