RCORE is a deflationary cryptocurrency with a supply cap designed to be self-sustaining and self-rewarding based on positive price pressure from token burning and triangular arbitrage between RMPL-ETH-RCORE pairs.

RCORE is being launched by the team behind RMPL & DeFi Prophets, view the FAQ below for more information about the team.

RCORE is built with the goal to sustain its APY for stakers and to reach continuously higher token prices. …

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RMPL lists on it’s first CEX — Bithumb Global

RMPL fans — the moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived…


Bithumb Global has completed its integration of RMPL’s unique random rebase function and has now added RMPL to its new set of defi offerings.

This means RMPL is now ready for trading on the exchange, and you’ll receive extra tokens in your Bithumb Global account after every positive rebase, guaranteed to occur within 24 hours on average and no longer than 48 hours after the last rebase.

Why Bithumb?

Hello RMPLers, today I’m proud to be able to reveal a new project we are adding to the DeFi Prophets ecosystem in the coming months and give some more insights into what is happening behind the scenes at RMPL and DeFi Prophets.

For those that do not know yet, DeFi Prophets (Website: https://defiprophets.com/ and our newly created Telegram: https://t.me/defiprophets) is the parent company behind RMPL and our future projects, to keep things clean all conversations about things not related to RMPL will be in the new channel and on the website.

With some basic housekeeping out of the way, now on to RMPL! …

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