At Home Journeying Home

I am home but not home
In this land that I dwell

There are upward longings
Which no one can dispel

Here, there is darkness
With glimmers of light

There, is the brightness
Where all is made right

So onward I travel
Through this desert-like place

Yet what started so strong
Has me now on my face

Do you not hear me cry
For strength in these bones?

The journey’s too hard
I’ll die here alone!

Yet alone I was not
For you sent me a Helper

He wraps all my wounds
Puts me in a shelter

Judgment he brings not
But tells me a story

Afflictions get lighter
From the weight of His glory

The reward is ahead
But still I must wait

The way forward—narrow
The path ahead—straight

Oh city of God
To your courts I belong

Yet here I tarry
But not for too long