My Greatest Art

R. Michael Spangler
Oct 14 · 1 min read

The greatest art that comes from me
Won’t be a poem or PhD

I’m often pulled by vanity
A slave to what others just might see

I see abundance of work undone
Rather than playing with my son

I ache for days of solitude
Neglecting God’s true bread for food

I show you just how great I am
With my personal online hologram

The joy it promises by likes and loves
Is fleeting pleasure, not from above

It blows away with the wind
Yet there I go, I try again

Give me food that satisfies
Not these temporary highs

Oh Spirit come and sanctify
Don’t waste these longing tears I cry

The greatest art that comes from me
Is all this life I give to thee

Written by

UX designer and poetry writer who enjoys the study of theology and culture. Husband and dad. Read slowly. Soli Deo Gloria.

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