New Eden

R. Michael Spangler
Oct 29 · 1 min read
Linnaea borealis. See Adorning the Dark by Andrew Peterson (

I opened my eyes and saw only darkness.

The core of forbidden fruit,
Lying in thorns and thistles.
Sinking in soil like teeth,
Injecting all its venom.
Writhing from its deadly sting,
Our groaning earth recoils.

The brokenness of this world,
brings longing up to surface.

I closed my eyes and saw New Eden.

Autumn leaves brightly glowing;
Linnea with a lifted head.
An antidote of living water,
Flashes like ancient gems.
Flowing from that bright place,
My dry eyes begin to drown.

The tears that blur this world,
bring Eden into focus.

There rests a snake-less garden,
Where the wolf and lamb carouse.
There is fellowship unbroken,
And every knee is bowed.
There, new names for us await,
And on our foreheads, His.

Tears will then be wiped away,
bringing eyes to newly open.

Written by

UX designer and poetry writer who enjoys the study of theology and culture. Husband and dad. Read slowly. Soli Deo Gloria.

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