Onward in Life’s Armada

R. Michael Spangler
Sep 19 · 1 min read
Photo by Artem Verbo on Unsplash

I have one little ship in life’s armada.
It’s not a perfect vessel, but it’s mine for now.

There are times when I trail behind the big ships, seeking guidance. Other times I’m in the lead, helping newer captains.

Too often, I’ve fallen asleep or into my pride. But the first mate bails me out. We’d still be in the harbor without her. There’s a lot of love between my shipmates, though mutinous screams can be heard from time to time. But this is our ship, and I’ve been trusted to lead it.

Scanning the empty horizon—we’re off course again. It’s now the dark of night. All seems lost. The King’s ship pulls away to rescue us. He reminds us of our map. By dawn, we’re on track once again.

Each storm has made me question this seafaring vessel. Or at least my job sailing it. It has been submerged, nearly shipwrecked. But lo, it comes up, paradoxically stronger than when it swam in the fair-weather.

So onward we sail through this dark sea.
We’re on our journey home to a place we’ve never seen.
His map never fails and my King is with me.

So, onward we sail.

Written by

UX designer and poetry writer who enjoys the study of theology and culture. Husband and dad. Read slowly. Soli Deo Gloria.

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