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Over the past month we have been reading “ Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass, an American slave”. We were reading this book to learn about the life of a former slave and how that must have felt. This book touches some deep events that happen in his life. But it is important for us to read this book to understand how time has changed over the past 100’s of years. I’m going to talk about on part that stranded out to me.

On page 33 it tells about one of Frederick’s previous masters. Mr. Gore who was as he saids “ Mr. Gore was a grave man, and, though a young man, he indulged in no jokes, said no funny words, seldom smiled”. (Pg 33)This part talked about how he killed Demby with no thought to it. How he kill this young man in front of other slaves and didn’t even care. He killed Demby just because we would not get out of the water after receiving a wiping. Demby was just trying wash his bloody body of and trying to not have a scar left on him.

I picked this part because it shows ow Frederick have to deal with master shush as Mr. Gore. This part is important because it tells how Frederick became the man he now was. That he fight to survive in the word that was “not meant for slaves”. But even before this event took place we knew that Frederick was a slave that thought ahead. He did anything so that he could understand what other people thought.

Slaves at work

I think that Frederick is tell us how many people saw slaves. “ that they were beneath every other person in this world”. What kind of world would be like that? We see in the eyes of a slave that would be a white world where being free was a privilege to slaves not a right (yet). I also think he want to put a image in our head of what some people would do to slaves. Mr. Gore said this “It is better that a dozen slaves suffer under the lash, than that the overseer should be convicted, in the presence of the slaves, of having been at fault.”(pg 32) This says it all that Mr. Gore saw nothing of the slave then what is a slave. And this man wasn’t even the main master but a overseer. So he was beating the slaves worst then the master would have just because he doesn’t like them.

In conclusion the part I took and analyzed was a part that told you the truth of being a slave. The truth of this slave may be one that many don’t know about. Which is why I think this book is good to read so you can know what people had to go though. The way I see this is that Frederick went through many hard time, but they were the key parts to make it him who he was in the end. A smart free slaved they saw others like him fight to become free and equals as everyone else.

Work cited

Douglass, Frederick, and David W. Blight. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave. New York, NY. 2003. Print.

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