“Daddy, daddy…I want to be an Animator” — Essential Advice for the Aspiring Animator.

Collected from a series of articles written on independent film website Directors Notes, I asked a selection of animators, already well embedded in the short film arena, if they could offer some words of wisdom for people looking to get into their industry.

If you had one piece of advice for upcoming animators – what would it be?

“If you don’t love it, find something you do love and do that”

Malcolm Sutherland

“Never trust an Irishman”

David OReilly

“Don’t listen the community, find it yourself”

Jeremy Clapin

“Eat Raw Meat”

Conor Finnegan

“Don’t take advice from anyone”

Kristian Andrews

“Animate! Seriously spend every waking hour drawing, creating, animating, jotting down ideas, analyzing, building up your 10,000 hours, etc … I only wish I followed my own advice”

Eoin Duffy

“If you stay honest to yourself and others, you can’t go wrong. Follow your own path, so don’t listen to anything I just said”

Daniel Sousa

“Be bold with your work and think about why you’re using it”

Will Anderson

“Try to do things you care about, we’ve got plenty crap in the world already. Do something that matters to you.”

Ainslie Henderson

“Nobody can give you advice, Find out yourself what to do”

Michael Frei

“Be inspired by things that are not animation”

Adam Wells

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