The editor is not your enemy!

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The page is red. It is so insanely red that you can no longer tell where your work ends and the edit begins.

When you first start writing (professionally and creatively), you are scared of people criticising your work. It’s an instinct; your work, even for professional reports, is a reflection of your ability.

You want to do a good job. It’s a fair expectation. When you find out you’re not able to do that, it’s easy to get sucked into the spiral of despair.

“What if I suck at this?”

I have edited for student publications, proofread dissertations for postgraduate qualifications, and critiqued a range of professional reports (ranging from 1,000 words to nearly 25,000 words). …

Free Verse

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Photo by Rachel Munford. Use for any other purpose except to accompany this poem.

Let me hide in the sheets
underneath the table
napkins poised for the performance
our hands moved together
mirroring each movement
set our places
use the best silverware
to carve into the steak

I will crawl across the table
Slinking limbs carefully around each dish
Allowing myself to be moved
pushed through the openings
between the tall wooden chairs
keeping my head down

don’t make eye contact

take my place at the kid’s table
they grin at me with blackened teeth

red lips smile in the smoke
whilst lit candles are stuck into sugary cake
a match in the hand
hands poised to strike again

Let me pull off the table cloth
Let the dishes hit the floor
food smeared across stone faces
we don’t speak

we just stare

PSA to anyone who accidentally ends up in my writing or anybody’s writing…

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Never before had I thought about the potential impact that writing about my life would have on the people who are in my life. That was until one of my old friends questioned me on something I had written.

It’s so easy when writing to become consumed by the need to just get words on the page that we can forget those we are closest with can be the ones worst affected by the ‘truth’ we believe.

It’s true in all forms of writing not just nonfiction. Many fictional characters can have loose resemblances to our family, friends and acquaintances. …


R Munford

Freelancer. Writer. Poet. Scottish.

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