5 things about Mysore Dasara Kusti

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1. Musti Kalaga and Malla Yuddha are the two types of wrestling that were patronized by the Wodeyars.

In Musti Kalaga one hits the opponents with fists and the fight concludes when first blood is drawn.

In Malla Yuddha or the regular Kusti the first one to pin the opponent to the ground is declared the winner.

2. Sahukar Chennaiah Kusti Akhada is one of the oldest and still surviving Akhada or Garadi Mane in Mysuru.

3. The doors to a Garadi mane are usually really low and the reason being that one must enter with head bowed in humility.

4. The matti in the Akhada is considered sacred and prayed to before stepping on it. It is treated with vermillion, turmeric, ayurvedic herbs and special oils to render it antiseptic properties. This is done in order to prevent the occurrence of skin diseases because the fighters sweat a lot.

5. The selection of fighters to participate in a bout on Vijayadashmi at the Mysore Palace is done on the basis of Gothras and physical build. There are 12 Gothras in the community altogether and people from the same Gothra are not allowed to fight each other since they are considered to be brothers.

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