Dasara 2017 special tours | Royal Mysore Walks

Cycle Tour | 6:30 am | ₹ 1199

Festive spirit of Dasara brings in more people than ever to Mysore, but if you are someone who doesn’t want to be in the chaos and instead explore the serene part of Mysore- bless your stars, you can do it even during Dasara!

An early start at 6.30 am (Listen up lazy bums, it’s totally worth it!) it will take you through the old part of the city still waking Get a peek into the different communities and have some chai with the locals. Take in the city at your own pace as we ride past some lovely colonial structures and get to know the stories behind them. To make up for the calories lost we end with a sumptuous South Indian breakfast and a good cuppa filter coffee on the tour.

Palace Tour | 10:00 am | ₹ 999

Now who can give this magnificent piece of architecture and engineering a miss when in Mysore? This tour takes you through the palatial delight kings were used to, giving us a glimpse of what it was to be a Maharaja back then.
The palace will delight and amaze you for sure, but the stories will take you back in time of royalty!

What’s more is you will get to meet our royal Durbaris (well, at least someone wearing the traditional Durbar dress)and grab a quick selfie with him!

Psst psst: You can also get to do that on our Dasara Walk mentioned below

Jeep Tour | 1 pm | ₹ 1199

Short on time and want to cover most aspects of Dasara? Too adventurous to just walk or cycle? Hop on our vintage open jeep and we’ll take you around where the real deal is!

Get to visit a traditional wrestling house (Garadimane),a doll display house (Bombemane)

Dasara Walk | 4 pm | ₹ 999

We’ve already cracked a way to get the best brief of Mysore, trust us on that! It’s called the Best of Mysore rightly so because it’s a perfect mix of stories, market and food! But with the city lit up in shimmering lights for Dasara it can surely be Bestest of Mysore! Before you grammar Nazis judge us on the word “bestest” try for yourself this tour and you will say goodbye to grammar because it’s that hard to describe and this easy to experience!
Just head out here and book any of these experiences, we hate to say this but we have limited slots! Oh, and we will leave you at the Palace for an amazing sight of the palace illumination and a quick selfie with our good ol Durbaris!

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