Know the story of Mysore from an artist.

Learn the tale of Mysore by a theatre artist. Let your imagination run wild and see yourself connecting to the stories of Mysore when an actor narrates the story with a streak of artistry. If you see yourself in this role then join us as tour host because we are HIRING!!

Santosh — An actor by choice, a student by the day and story teller for Royal Mysore walks.

About ME: I am Santhosh Prabhu, tour lead at Royal Mysore Walks, an actor and a student of Science.

My favourite tour: It is tough to decide on which tour I like the best, but I find both best of Mysore and the cycle tour good and it is a close competition between the two.

If I had to choose one between the two, I would go with Best of Mysore mostly because there is more food involved.

Best of Mysore as the name suggests has the best food, best people, best places and the best story. It’s a great way to get to know a city. The stories are really close to my heart and they never get old.

Memorable guest experience: My most memorable tour was with David.It started raining cats and dogs just as we started the tour but as he was keen on doing the tour continued anyway. By the end of the tour we both were drenched to our bones, but had a great time. I enjoyed the tour, I am pretty sure he did too.

The tour went really well.

What I enjoy most, working with Royal Mysore Walks and how it changed me: Working with RMW is great for a lot of reasons. Some of the reasons being great people to work with, great people on the tour and the food in the tours is the cherry on top!!

RMW has helped me understand cultures of the world better and understand people better.

Why I would recommend working with Royal Mysore Walks: It’s a great adventure, which also happens to be a lot of fun. There is a lot to learn in RMW. It’s something everyone should try!!

If you are someone and who likes travel, history, art and everything related to this city then we have a wonderful opportunity for you explore, understand and enjoy Mysore while you meet new people. Work with us. We are looking for people like in our tribe.

We are HIRING!

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