Why is Walking the best way to Explore a place?

Are you someone who “travels” or “explores” a place? What’s the difference you might ask. According to Oxford dictionary travel is to make a journey, typically of some length whereas explore is to travel to a place to learn about it. If you are a traveler, go ahead and zoom past your AC cars (no offence to anyone who calls themselves travelers). But if you are an explorer here are some quotes which will help you understand why walking is the best way to explore!

1. The Joy

When you walk through a place you belong there, and there’s joy in belonging.

2. Uncertainty and Curiosity

Heard of the word (Travel) “itinerary”? That doesn’t apply to exploring. Go where your curiosity leads you. (Curiosity only kills cat, humans turn into Einstien)

3. It’s Healthy

Apart from staying healthy you are helping the place stay green!

4. Lastly, because you can!

Yup, because you have the time, the age and the energy to do so!

So you know what to do now, that’s right! 
Come walk with us!

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