Are you writing to change the world or yourself?
Chad Bockius

Life sometimes gives us coincidences (for sakes of the mere reply, i’m just gonna think of it as such) that are utterly amazing. I spent nearly half my day thinking about this question. Well, not exactly because I came to read your text just now.

However, most of the time spent on that thought was somehow like this “It’s easier to point out when others are being assholes, even if their conduct is shady or just little bits of douche-baggery”.

But then again, as often as I write about insights and attitudes that I think people should leave behind, I kinda get myself being taught by life that all those reflections, all those meditations should start by my own conduct. By my own doings.

The conclusion is no wonder: maybe I am in the most dire need of understanding and practicing most of what I write.

I am truly and amazingly glad that I stumbled upon this text of yours, Chad, ’cause it led me to deepen the thoughts I was cradling. Sorry for my bad english, not native speaker. lol

And thanks, man, for this incredible piece of work. Best regards