Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

After work tonight we need to make a target run for cat food, new litter box, dishwasher tabs, and lacroix, $40. Oh, and something for dinner. So, $60?

Tomorrow the kid is home until 2, boyfriend is taking him for a haircut. They always bring donuts home afterwards. Yay donuts!

After the kid is gone, working on the house continues. On my list for this weekend I have: changing out a doorknob, changing out a deadbolt, hanging blinds and curtains in the basement, moving the couch out of my garage down to the basement, replacing the faucet in the downstairs kitchen, putting fabric behind the glass panels in the downstairs wardrobe, assembling the other downstairs wardrobe, and collapsing in a heap when it’s all done. Cost should be $0 though, all supplies are ready and waiting.

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