Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Boyfriend and I are kid-free this weekend which usually results in less spending. Tonight I have 0 plans because he’s going out with work peeps tonight, so I’m home alone and will probably like, work on painting the basement. Hang out with my cats.

Saturday: I need to hit bed bath and beyond for curtain hooks because I can’t math (why do they come in packs of 14? So arbitrary) $5, head to Lane Bryant to return bras I bought at the outlet without trying on, and apparently I’ve gone up a size? Ugh. So, bra fitting, which has non-monetary costs. Haircut at the beauty school $15, waxing at Ulta $35. Target run, $50.

Sunday we will laze about and I will make waffles. Then it will be nap time. Naps are free.

Total: $105

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