I obviously have no idea how talented your child is at soccer but this statement isn’t entirely…

I guess what I’m saying is I’m not counting on it. If it happens, awesome, but it’s not my long-term “how to pay for college” plan, unlike some people. I have a friend who spends 10k+ a year on her daughter’s gymnastics and at least partly justifies it by asserting it will lead to college scholarships, which…you could pay for college out of pocket at 1ok a year for 12 years. Travel soccer is going to cost me like $1500 this year including hotel rooms, gas, food, etc. That’s a huge difference.

We all have our priorities, and as a proportion of our respective incomes we’re probably spending about the same. But my primary goal is for my kid to have fun. Scholarships are secondary. Tertiary? Not on my radar.

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