Why I Prioritized International Travel Over “Growing Up”
Lauren Orsini

It’s really hard to explain travel as a priority to people who don’t “get it.” We all make choices about how we spend our money. I drive a glorified go-kart and live in a modest house. I buy my clothes at thrift stores or, if I’m feeling splurge-y, Target. I furnish my home from estate sales and get my hair cut at the beauty school once every six months. None of those things are priorities to me. If they are to you, swell. I’d rather save my money to go on a vacation.

I’m going to Mexico City for a week in October and when it comes up I almost feel like I have to justify it with “but I’m using airline miles and hotel points so it will be cheap” as if it’s anyone’s business. But man they sure act like I’m a big spender whenever travel comes up.