Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Man, I have no idea what I am doing this weekend. Tonight I have my kid’s baseball game, then I have to go buy a present for his friend’s bday party ($20 budget for friend gifts but I have a $10 target gift card from debit card points). Boyfriend will buy dinner because our scales are tipped right now. $10

Tomorrow morning, kid has soccer. EARLY. Stopping at starbucks and using my gift card from work (admin professionals day is good for something, at least). Painting the basement? Maybe. We might go to some estate sales, but I never find anything good. Boyfriend should pick up lunch tab, too. $0

Sunday trip to Lane Bryant to FINALLY return the bras that don’t fit and hopefully exchange for some that do. I also have to buy groceries because next week is a stupid busy week at work so it all has to be stuff my boyfriend can cook (read: microwave). $100.

Total $110. Based on my usual estimates, I would assume an overspend of about 30%, but I’m pretty broke right now.

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