If You Can’t Afford It, Do You Want It Out of Sight?
Ester Bloom

Never been on a cruise, but I did stay at an all inclusive in Mexico in December, and we were in the “preferred club” section, which had bigger rooms with better views, its own pool, its own lounge with top shelf liquor and special food offerings, in-room wifi, and the French restaurant was open to us for breakfast while everyone else had to go to the buffet. It was not really that much more expensive (maybe 20% more?) and for me those amenities were extremely appealing and worth the extra expense. It was a wing of the resort apart from the public areas. I know when we were in the main parts of the resort we heard derisive comments from non-preferred guests about the type of people who stayed in the special part, and my son just looked at me like he didn’t understand, because we are definitely not rich people. So it was a bit awkward, actually, to be in the “exclusive” group, in some ways.

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