L.M. Schulte

Ok, I think my memory is mushing two things together. I found the cash fetishism one, though, The Devil and Commodity Fetishism in South America by Michael T. Taussig. Should be available on Google books, the section starting at page 13 is what we read. Now I want to read the whole thing.

I’ll think some more on the cargo cults, but I requested that volume I listed in my original comment.

I think you are spot-on with the view on American Indians.

And really, if we want to dig deeper, agriculture was/is kind of the beginning of the end for these societies. Depends on your perspective, but as a Marxist, it marks the death knell of “primitive communism,” which frankly sounds pretty damn appealing when it’s described as limited work and time to spend on other pursuits. It’s like the sharing economy we wish we had, instead of 3 side hustles just to pay the rent.

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