Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Relatively inexpensive weekend. Dinner tonight will be the hot dogs that have been waiting in the fridge for just such a night. It’s the last day of exams for our students, I am one of the leads on the team that manages those, and I am wiped out.

Saturday the kid has a baseball game, I suspect boyfriend will pay for breakfast. Lunch will be whatever I can scrounge up around the house. We’re going to a wedding at 6, already bought and gave the gift so no cost there.

Sunday is mother’s day, where I will get my annual gift of a clean car (and I really need it). After the boys do that we’ll go see Guardians of the Galaxy 2, I’ll buy the tickets and bf will get snacks, $25. Have to make a run to Target to pick up stuff for my road trip next weekend, birthday gift for the kid’s friend, and food to last a few days. $125.

Total: $150

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