Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Tonight I’m going to a charity trivia night with a friend from an old job I haven’t seen in at least a year. I am NOT good in social settings with new people but I do love trivia so I am forcing myself out of my comfort zone because I should. $25

Hitting a few church/charity rummage sales tomorrow, nothing specific in mind but setting a limit of $75. Then I’m working on the basement, pick your poison, so many different projects: finish scraping up the old tiles in the rec room, hang curtains and blinds in the bedroom, assemble wardrobe and entryway bench, 2 coats of paint in the bathroom, install paneling where the range once stood. If I can get 3 of those done this weekend I will be thrilled. 2 is probably more reasonable if I don’t have any help. Probably takeout at some point, $30.

Sunday the kid has baseball tryouts, no cost since I already registered him. We need to try his sports gear on him to make sure he hasn’t outgrown it all. I know he needs new soccer cleats but I’mma put that off as long as I can. I think I have a month or so.

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