In the ninth month of living in our first house, I haven’t figured out how first-time buyers do…
Rebecca Frank

WORD. The day I closed on my house, the A/C went out. In June. In Missouri. I am not even kidding. We weren’t set to move in for a month so it wasn’t an emergency, but damn. It took a little bit of the shine off, for sure. But I made the sellers pay for a heavy-duty warranty (being a 61 year old house, and all) and it took 2 service calls to get the problem solved. Now my washing machine is dancing across the laundry room and based on my mad google skills, I think it’s a spring, or something, so I’ll call about that, too. Each time someone comes out it only costs me $75 which is chump change compared to what the calls would actually cost. Once the warranty is up I have the option to renew and I fully intend to. My HVAC is old enough that although it’s in good shape, it really could go belly up any day, and paying the $600 for the warranty is more palatable for me than $4k for a new system.

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